Central Coast Shotokan Karate Dojo

A Member Dojo of Shotokan Karate of America

Advice on Training: Before You Begin

“In training, do not expect good results in a short time.” - Master Funakoshi

Tsutomu Ohshima


Effects of Haste

As Master Funakoshi wrote in his book, Karate-do Kyohan, “In the study of any subject, little is to be gain from haphazard training, and thus, particularly in a martial art, steady unremitting training is required.”


Our Commitment and Your Commitment:

We teach only those who ask to be taught.


In agreeing to teach you, we are making a significant personal investment in your development.  In turn, we insist you be sure you want to train with us.  Someone who begins practice and gives up after a little while will have been wasting both his time and his instructor’s time.


Before we agree to accept you as a student, we both need to commit to the program. 

Make sure you understand what you are asking of your instructors.  This is a martial art, an art of war.  It is a strenuous physical and mental activity.  The objective of our practice is to perfect our character by learning, through hard training, how to face our own weaknesses and overcome our mental blocks.  By joining in our practice you are asking your instructors to push you.  Hard.  No one enjoys being pushed and everyone wants to give up and quit at some point in the process.  If  you quit after just a few days, weeks or months, you will have learned nothing.  If you persist in your training, the benefits are literally life-changing.  So before you start practice, you must make up your mind to see it through.


We therefore insist you do your homework.  Investigate our practice and our group.  Visit us and observe one or more of our practices.  Visit other groups as well.  Be sure you want to train with us.